martedì 23 novembre 2010

Rom a Gerusalemme

Piaciuto? Se vi interessa l'argomento, qui c'e' un articolo che dovete leggere. E vabbe', occorre registrarsi. Ma c'e' la foto di un amico mio. 

There is immense prejudice against the Gypsies in Palestinian society  [...] I have sat with educated Palestinians and heard very negative prejudices against the Gypsies… It showed me the underside of Palestinian society. I was able to see how they treat their own minority and it was quite disturbing.
There is a lot of prejudice and they [i Palestinesi, ndt]  feel oppressing the Gypsies is natural. The Jewish workers in the municipality are usually extremely sensitive and show solidarity and support"

Quale sorpresa, nevvero?

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